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2024     'Invocación n.1: a mi arcano el Ermitaño' 
               Fl. B.Cl. Hp. & String quartet

09/04/24     Britten Sinfonia

Milton Court, Barbican Centre.
London, UK

With this work, I’m starting a series of pieces called ‘Invocations’ in which I aim to explore how the human voice can emerge organically from within the ensemble and be portrayed in different facets because I’m interested in contrasting the human quality of uniqueness and rawness of voice against music instruments.


Each invocation is dedicated to something or someone. This first one is dedicated to the Hermit, which is my major arcana archetype in the Tarot according to Numerology. Being true or not, I’m particularly attracted to its poetic and symbolic dimension, as in the one who needs to descend into darkness and step into the unknown withdrawing themselves from noise. Within this solitude, they need to manage to light up their own lantern, to get to the essence of things and emerge again from silence with their blood transformed into the oil of their own lantern.

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