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2023     'Camanchaca'
               String quartet

09/07/23     Quatuor Bozzini

Time of Music Festical
Viitasaari, Finland.       

Camanchaca refers to a dense, cold, and persistent type of fog that appears along the seashore on the coast of Chile. The word originates from the native Aimara language and translates to 'darkness' due to its density.

In this work, I aimed to create 'Camanchaca'-like foggy-loose textures that could coexist and transform into a more solid and rhythmical material, back and forth travelling, from the highest harmonic possible on the 1st string of a violin, to the bottom rattling windy sound of a detuned fourth string on the cello.

At the same time, this piece explores how the performers’ use of voice air effects and whistling blends and expands the colour of instrument techniques, while their interaction with each other transits from senza misura sections to measured tempo, and vice versa.

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