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2021     'A Binary Sunset' for solo harp

A Binary Sunset is inspired when looking back at photos when I travelled to Atacama Desert in 2016. Its landscape has a duality, because it has the clearest skies in the world, and thus, the biggest telescopes, many people spend time looking up to the sky; but also, there are still people looking down to the ground, as they still look for their beloved ones killed and buried in the desert under the dictatorship of Pinochet, as estated in the wonderful documentary Nostalgia for the Light by Patricio Guzman. And within this context, within the twilight colours produced at dusk which embrace with such a beautiful drama and mystery the vast immensity of the emptiness of the landscape, we find the Atacama desert in Chile, acquiring a similar aspect to Tatooine, fictional desert planet part of the Star Wars universe.

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