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05/05/22  RCM Philharmonic Orchestra


Conductor Toby Purser
Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall


20/06/22  Ensamble Barcelona 216

Conductor Ernest Martinez-Izquierdo
Sala 2, Oriol Martorell, L'auditori


25/10/23  MI Symphony Orchestra


Conductor Alvin Arumugam
Victoria Concert Hall


20th Edition Joan Guinjoan Prize winner

RCM Concerto Competition 2022 winner


The idea for Gliding Murmuration appeared when watching the ever-changing patterns that are created by hundreds of starling birds flying together, and the similarities that can be established between this movement and musical narrative.

This piece explores the elasticity of music material and how it can be presented in different time scales, sometimes dissolving before reaching an arrival point, and some other times reaching a constituted new music state; but always through constant organic transformation.

2022     'Gliding Murmuration' for orchestra

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